Adrian M. Partl

Pseudo random thoughts…

Greetings! I’m an astrophysicist, numerics and algorithm enthusiast, Big Data engineer and food lover. On this page you will find in irregular intervals information about myself, big data in astrophysics, food and anything else I want to pollute the WWW with.

Bits and Bytes

I've always been interested in computers since my father brought home his first Olivetti. Therefore I would love to share random thoughts on various things related to bits and bytes.

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In this section you find a complete list of my publications. Further I provide all the various theses I wrote as downloads and all blog posts related to my scientific work.

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Please find all my blog posts here. I plan to blog about my computational work, my scientific life, culinary and mixology topics, and anything I believe might interest you. Enjoy!

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New Blog Articles

New website!

After the server of my hoster had a catastrophic hardware failure and they have not yet recovered my files, here comes a shiny new website! Read More ›

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